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  • February 2015:

    Two new preprints will be posted here in a couple of days.

    The first one is titled “Short proofs of the Kneser-Lovász Coloring Principle” (written by Gabi and Adi, together with with James Aisenberg, Samuel Buss and Maria Luisa Bonet).  It is a submission to ICALP’2015

    The second one (written by Gabi and Cosmin) is called “Partition into heapable sequences, heap tableaux and a multiset extension of Hammersley’s process“. It is a submission to CPM’2015.

  • January 2015:

    A Happy New Year to all of you. Our submission to the SACS special issue dedicated to Professor Rudeanu has been accepted. Stay tuned for the final version.

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