UVTheory Online Seminar

UVTheory Online Seminar is devoted to presentations on all aspects of Theoretical Computer Science and related areas. Many (but not all) of them take place as part of the Department Seminar of the Computer Science Department of West University of Timișoara, and are hosted on the Youtube channel UVTheory (and, in the near future, on the Youtube channel of the department)

Upcoming talk:


May 9. Cristopher Moore (SFI) The physics of statistical inference and community detection (link)

ABSTRACT: There is a deep analogy between Bayesian inference and
statistical physics. Whenever we try to fit a model to noisy data, we
can think about the “energy landscape” of possible models, and look
for phase transitions where the ground truth suddenly gets lost in
this landscape. I’ll use this framework to describe a phase transition
in community detection in networks, where communities suddenly become
hard or impossible to find. I will discuss why and how this
detectability transition occurs, look at related spectral algorithms,
and give a hint of similar phase transitions in other inference


Forthcoming talks:


Past talks:

April 29,2020. Grigore Roșu (UIUC) Formal Design, Implementation and Verification of Blockchain Languages [video]

March 25, 2020. Gabriel Istrate (UVT) It’s not Whom You Know, it’s what You (or your friends)  Can Do: Coalitional Frameworks for Network Centralities.  [video]