We are a small group of researchers associated with the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of the West University of Timişoara and the e-Austria Research Institute. We are interested in Theoretical Computer Science at large, with a special focus on:

  • probabilistic methods and algorithms
  • applications of game theory in theoretical computer science
  • connections between theory of computation and physics (mostly theory of complex systems)
  • logic and its connection with symbolic computation and computational complexity
  • automated theorem proving (yes, we know it’s not really Theoretical Computer Science :))
  • formal languages and its relation with XML processing

A list of venues that have recently accepted/published our papers includes conferences such as AAMAS, ICALP, FSCD, ESA, SAT, CPM, SFLP, ICTAC, SCSC, MCU, LATA, WRLA, DCFS, ACRI, AMINSE, FROM, and journals such as Journal of Symbolic Computation, Information and Computation, Theoretical Computer Science, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science,  The Journal of Supercomputing, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, Information Processing Letters, Physica A.

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