Gabriel Istrate: Scientific Videos & Media appearances

Freely available presentations (no registration required) are bolded.

Presentations of my papers by coauthors are included, in blue.


  • Kernelization, Proof Complexity and Social Choice. ICALP’2021 Presentation (will appear). Slides. Paper.
  • Game-theoretic Models of Moral and Other-Regarding Agents. TARK’2021 Presentation (20 minutes, to appear). Slides.
  • Models we can Trust: Toward a Systematic Discipline of (Agent-Based) Model Interpretation and Validation.  AAMAS’2021 Presentation (15 minutes) on Slideslive. Same presentation on Underline. Slides. Paper.



  • Adressing the validation problem for social simulations.

         Presentation at ECCS’2008, Zurich (flash, obsolete). Local copy (mp4). Slides.


  • Towards Synthetic Activity-based Models for Large-scale Socio-technical Simulations. Presentation at  CHS’07  Los Angeles CA, January 2007 (mp3). Slides.